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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hidup Series by Ebiet G. Ade | Hidup II

Hidup Series by Ebiet G. Ade | Hidup II
Tonight I had to go home. To get to sleep, in my room is dark. Despite the fact, I want to live. To enjoy the stars, to enjoy the month. After posting an article entitled Hidup I by Ebiet G. Ade, then this story will continue on track song Ebiet G. Ade the other that is Hidup Series by Ebiet G. Ade | Hidup II.. The series of songs Ebiet G. Ade on the topic of Life and Belief includes several titles, such as Hidup I and Hidup II. And this will continue in the series: Hidup III and Hidup IV.
Why Ebiet G. Ade use the title of 'Life'? Life or life is inseparable from power and the Will of God the mighty one. Life is a process in the world, between the process of creation and the after life. As a man who was given reason and mind, of course, will understand that we are in this world and enjoy all the amenities of life does not come by itself.

Hidup Series by Ebiet G. Ade | Hidup II

There was one who created us, who sent us there to be in a world full of mystery. And over again is the mystery of ourselves. How far we can recognize ourselves? The process of self-knowledge that is most difficult in this world, but forget about ourselves, it is most commonly conducted. In this world, many smart people, smart people. Is it because 100% because of its ability to create science and technology? Is not that because of intervention from God Almighty. Perhaps we are arrogant, that it's all because of our thinking. The creation of aircraft that is able to explore outer space or komunisasi sophisticated technology like the Internet, as well as all of that because of the interference of the Creator, namely Allah. No human is not dead. Who is capable of challenging death, if it is the will of Allah SWT?

And now I have to sleep alone in my room. Cold, dark and fanciful. And now I have returned home. Small, dirty and full of ideals. "Home" here is ourselves. Which consists of the physical form of humans, in which there is the mind and heart (feelings). "House" that need to be filled with faith. "House" are in it to be clean of dirt that makes us proud, which makes us forget that the "home" is ourselves. We often pride will be the greatness that we have. High science that we have, abundant wealth, the power we have. What it all comes because the delusion that comes from our thoughts. Hidup Series by Ebiet G. Ade | Hidup II can be used as material for further reflection to recognize ourselves. How much faith values that we have.
Today I went Prayer. To get closer to Tell. Until You Know what I mean. Hope You're Melting Sin and my forgetfulness. How we should thank God Almighty. Because we are given a breath for life and other life facilities. There is only one, put in a good faith would Compassion Lord, keep away from prohibited things and did according in accordance with that recommended by Allah SWT. For us to have a "house" clean, away from the dust that pollutes himself. Science may be many and great, may be abundant wealth, power can arrange just about anything, but most importantly not to forget the presence of God Almighty in every breath of our breath. Hopefully this paper is useful for the friend story song or story in Indonesian songs.

Hidup Series by Ebiet G. Ade | Hidup II

Malam ini aku mesti pulang
Untuk segera tidur di kamarku yang gelap
Meskipun sebenarnya aku Ingin tetap tinggal
Untuk menikmati bintang, Untuk menikmati bulan

Sebentar lagi kasih beri aku waktu
Untuk sekadar mengucapkan selamat malam
Meskipun aku tak dapat melihat wajahmu
Tapi hembusan angin cukup menyatakan
Kehadiranmu untukku

Dan sekarang aku telah tidur sendiri di kamarku
Yang gelap dan dingin penuh angan-angan
Dan sekarang aku telah pulang kembali ke rumah
Yang kotor dan kecil penuh cita-cita

Di Sinilah Di Kamarku Yang Gelap Ini
aku Ingin Menumpahkan Kerinduanku
Di Sinilah Di Kamarku Yang Dingin Ini
aku Ingin Menangis Di Pangkuanmu

Hari ini aku Pergi Sembahyang
Untuk Mendekatkan Diri Kepadamu
Semoga Kau Tahu Apa Yang Kumaksudkan
Semoga Kau Lebur Dosa dan Kehilapanku

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