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Monday, September 27, 2010

Aku milikmu by Dewa 19

Aku milikmu by Dewa 19
'aku milikmu' is sung by the band Dewa 19 is a beautiful song. tells the story of sincere love. About two heart conditions that test one another, is there a love of beauty at a time when one must choose, keep loving or just leave? when the option was still survive, when the option was still survive, then love came and approached us. Do not let me lose you, it's part of a heart condition which must survive, but the request. and was part of a struggle. Is not that love is giving and asking. Love can not we get if we do not ask. To get love, self-promotion is the most important part.
What if no candidate was able to convince your girlfriend that you are able to give happiness to her? as a pellet, of course you will try to get your love. Trying as hard as possible. Love does not come just like that, go through the process. Love the fighting, would be more meaningful to the life you live. Because you have to appreciate your struggle. But love can walk away, even without a trace. Why? Because now, get it so easily, like ten too easy. For people who can appreciate the love, would be retained as possible, because love is not only pleasure in bed, or also due to wallow treasure. Love will be tested in times of distress, at the time far from each other, when one partner is having problems. or when there are other people who came to offer love to another. This is where loyalty is tested, love without the loyalty of its value will decrease.

'Aku milikmu by Dewa 19' one example of how someone tried to gain his love by assuring that he is not an ambiguous, I'm yours. Read also: Kangen and  Lagu untuk sebuah nama The song is melancholy, but with the concept of rock music, 'Aku milikmu by Dewa 19' sound more beautiful. If you understand the language used to sing this song, of course you will often hear it. Unfortunately the songs from Dewa 19 has not been released in English. Lyrics from 'Aku milikmu by Dewa 19' quite poetic.

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  1. nice story... walapun gw gak terlalu bisa inggris sih... :D

  2. Gw kangen ma Dewa 19 dulu dibandingkan sekarang !
    Ni selalu bhs inggris semua ya?
    hehehehe... (ora udeng)

    Thx gan dh komen drmh gw.


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