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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hidup 1 by Ebiet G. Ade

Hidup series by Ebiet G. Ade
The song was created by 'Ebiet G. Ade 'and is the result of deep contemplation. Belief in the Godhead who struggle so hard. Is it true that we are there with it on the surface of the earth? Who is the cause of human existence on this earth? Because the wind? Dust? Or grow it on the surface of the earth like a plant? That animals also appear without being created. What about the plants, rocks, the air we breathe, the sky is blue, clear water and flowing? The sun, moon, stars and the whole of nature? Who created it? This is a series of questions that can only be answered by a belief that the universe and everything in it that make it there, have created it. 

Ebiet G. Ade - Hidup I.mp3

please understand lyrics to this song:

Hidup I 
liryk written by 'Ebiet G. Ade'
Pernah kucoba untuk melupakan 
Kamu dalam setiap renunganku 
lupakan semua yang kau Kau goreskan 
pada telapak tanganku
dan juga kucoba untuk meyakinkan pikiranku
bahwa sebenarnya Engkau tak pernah ada 
bahwa bumi dan isinya ini 
tercipta kerna memang harus tercipta 

Bahwa Adam dan Hawa 
Tiba-tiba saja turun 
Tanpa karena makan buah Quldi dahulu 
Dan aku lahir juga bukan karena campur tangan Mu 
Hanya karena ibu seharusnya melahirkanku (2x)

Tetapi yang kurasakan kemudian
Hidup seperti tak berarti lagi 
Dan ternyata bahwa hanya kasih sayang Mu 
Yang mampu membimbing tanganku (2 x) 

Tuhan maafkanlah 
Atas kelancanganku 
Mencoba meninggalkan Mu 
Sekarang datanglah Engkau bersama angin
Agar setiap waktu aku bisa menikmati kasih Mu (2 x)

This search process will be one of the divinity of the song features Ebiet G. Ade, titled Hidup 1'. Listening to ‘Hidup 1 by Ebiet G. Ade' felt like we were empty, still searching for the meaning of our existence. Also still looking like what our hearts and minds. We are only preoccupied with carnal nature of search. We only think about property, we only think about careers and positions. We just want to pursue pleasure and lust. We simply state that science and technology can answer anything on earth and who are outside this planet. Life is something unique, because life requires a lot of things. From these things, we are only faced with two main issues namely sacrifice or sincerity. Have we been sincere for the sacrifices that we do, even though it was for the interests and needs of ourselves? You may feel nothing you can do because you are healthy and smart. You can get anything because you do a lot of money. Where did you get your health or intelligence? Is it because you know about the health and maintain good health or because you have a lot to learn so that you are smart. Or you feel you've worked hard timeless so that you have a lot of property and money. Although many of them have been toiling, working hard but they do not gain anything? ‘Hidup 1 by Ebiet G. Ade’ musings newsworthy, that anything in this universe can not be separated from power and Notices of God Almighty Power, the Great. Because of her affection is also all in the universe has become a harmonious blend. The sun, moon and other planets with a regular supply because it follows the standard rules of a divine Creator. If one of these space components deviate from these rules then we will become extinct without a trace. From this course, we will understand that we must be able to appreciate and be grateful for his love tank.Can we escape from the creation process. By common sense, of course, we must believe that what we get is a result of the 'Great One'. No one can match him. Anything as powerful as science and technology into the work of humans, would not be able to match his power. Who He? He is the God who created all this universe. He is giving us a breath through the oxygen out in our bodies. He who gave us brains so that we can think with a healthy. He who gives us the heart, to our devoted and Believers to Him. He's the blood stream and is pumped from our heart and distribute it throughout the body. If he's stopped the blood and does not flow anymore, then we will die. If we die, what it means anymore on this earth? Subhanallah, this song, ‘Hidup 1 by Ebiet G. Ade’ is one of a series of religious songs from Ebiet G. Ade who invites us to contemplate, and feel that God exists in our lives. God never gives life on our end. God also tests us with all the lives that we feel. He is testing us with the cleverness and stupidity, He tests us with sick and healthy. He tests us with wealth and poverty. He is testing us with anger and impatience. He also tests us with greatness and triumphant. And all that is given to us, is to make us faithful and devoted to Him. Listen to this song carefully, you feel that ‘Hidup 1 by Ebiet G. Ade’ in writing with a fine idea from a true understanding about the meaning of faith. With a beautiful language, and contains a broad sense, these songs deserve to be heard frequently. Musical arrangements are brought to the peace and quiet.

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