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Monday, November 08, 2010

Nothing is eternal | Tak ada yang abadi by Peterpan

<img src="" alt="Nothing is eternal | Tak ada yang abadi by Peterpan"/>

Indonesian song this time re-appoint Peterpan song lyrics as inspiration for articles posted on this blog. The title shown is Nothing is eternal | Tak ada yang abadi by Peterpan


In the journey of this life, there's nothing we can keep intact. Property, objects, throne, love, popularity and even though life. All things have certain limits. Nothing is eternal. Anything as strong as we maintain it, if until time to go, then everything will go freely. Nothing is eternal. Farewell to something we love, always there in plain sight. Always torn from their embrace. Always go even did not return. As strong and as solid as anything would be lost.

This is the song lyric, entitled  Nothing is eternal | Tak ada yang abadi by Peterpan

Takkan selamanya tanganku mendekapmu
Takkan selamanya raga ini menjagamu
Seperti alunan detak jantungku
Tak bertahan melawan waktu
Semua keindahan yang memudar
Atau cinta yang telah memudar

Tak ada yang abadi
Tak ada yang abadi
Tak ada yang abadi
Tak ada yang abadi

Biarkan aku bernafas sejenak
Sebelum hilang
Tak kan selamanya tanganku mendekapmu
Tak kan selamanya raga ini menjagamu
Jiwa yang lama segera pergi
Bersiaplah para pengganti



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  1. Tak Ada yang Abadi di Dunia ini...

    Begitulah yang terjadi dengan kepopuleran seorang Ariel Peterpan...
    Tapi ga tau juga yah, siapa tau tahun2 ke depan, Ariel bisa lebih sukses lagi dan mawas diri... ^ ^

  2. betul sekali memang tak ada yang abadi di dunia, semua bisa berubah ...!

  3. I from India and a music lover. I usually listen to Indian classical music. But I have the curiosity to know and understand about other cultures too. This site seems to be doing a good job of bringing Indonesian culture to the world through its music.
    Keep going !
    And thank you for the presence and comment on my blog :)

  4. This song is really beautiful and soothing to listen to :) very nice :)


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