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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kotak Band | Love you've been gone

 As usual, Kotak Band always represent the heart cry of those who are disappointed, left, and heartbreak. Always talking about the difference between two hearts of different owners. But this song is not a picture of sentimentality. With the flow of rock music (with 2 men and 2 women as members of the group) this song is also nice to hear. All people must have felt sad, disappointed, and forgotten. Everyone must feel how it feels sad to be left by anyone either. And do not translate this song only on the restriction about romance between men and women only. Let's expand that love is in the lyric of this song is about something that relates to the people dearest. (Although that question is left behind a girlfriend). People could have been dear parents who gave birth to us, our relatives, friends, relatives or even those who died due to natural disasters. Can also because our beloved leader to leave or fall from his throne. Well ..., here who says if you do not feel sad? It could also for those who have tried hard to choose good leaders, but was betrayed by creating a policy that is not worthy to be followed. Well .. his sad, disappointed right? Sad expression also can vary (so sad that people do not just cry and shed tears) as angry, silent solitude, or in mass groups can be a demonstration of discontent down streets shouting. Do not think those who liked the demo it was a tough, they are people who experience great sadness and disappointment that they could not express with tears. They were also a broken heart, is pursuing a very deep disappointment. They're trying to get out of sadness. So, if viewed from the incident, the story song to your advice to not always grieve, try to always joyous though many things in life make us disappointed. Yeah .. right?. Just imagine if people are sad that gather in large quantity. The state also could they change. So try to be people who are not always sad, sad because it could harm people you know ...., Unless you believe ..., just try asking on the swaying grass. He ... he ... he ...

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