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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Topeng by Peterpan

If the volcano erupted and spread volcanic ash, then the person will wear a mask to protect face. This is done to protect an important part of the face, like eyes, mouth and respiratory tract. In the matter of love is also not spared from the mask, pretense. In other words is a wolf in the sheep's clothing. Living with a falsehood, trick Do something with other people. Like help but destroy, as well but stabbed from behind. Said white, black behavior. It is a hidden hypocrisy, both unintentionally and even intentionally. But this is the world, the doings of confusing. I got across the earth, I got to dominate day. I got to paint the sky, I get. for you glow. But I got walked away. If you trick me here, I got walked away. You can enlightening me, you can me glow. You're dead to me, you can fill a rainbow. But I got walked away. Song Lyrics Topeng by Peterpan is an example, how people are able to do something, but do not realize that he also cheated other people can take refuge behind the scary mask. Not only personal issues like relationships. In everyday life, many of the masks to roam around us. Masks who tried to deceive us, with all the coaxing rayunya. Especially when it comes to materials. And the masks was ready to devour us. Ready to make us lay, and regretted our folly. How do we know if we own his sleep by gentle persuasion? We are often astonished by the skin, and it is difficult to know how its contents. If we are so impressed with her skin, what do we know the color of its contents? Well ...., Topeng by Peterpan is a good song. Not only good in music, but the implied meaning of this song. Mask? ...., careful lest we ourselves are also wearing masks. he ... he ...
Topeng by Peterpan

Kudapat melintas bumi, kudapat merajai hari
Kudapat melukis langit, kudapat buatmu berseri
Tapi kudapat melangkah pergi

Bila kau tipu aku disini, kudapat melangkah pergi
Kau dapat cerahkan aku, kau dapat buatku berseri
Kau dapat buatku mati, kau dapat hitamkan pelangi
Tapi kudapat melangkah pergi

Bila kau tipu aku disini, kudapat melangkah pergi
Kudapat itu

Tapi buka dulu topengmu buka dulu topengmu
Biar kulihat warnamu, kan kulihat warnamu

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  1. lagunya mantap mantap bro.. oiya link dah aku pasang sekalian follow,, mohon link balik ya di makasih

  2. thx for lirik nya bro...biar pada hafal :)


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