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Friday, October 15, 2010

Camelia series by Ebiet G. Ade | Camelia I

Camelia series by Ebiet G. Ade | Camelia IShe is Camelia, a girl's dream. Who came to fill life, giving a life of beauty and peace loving. She was present in a dim dream, full of charm. Camelia series by Ebiet G. Ade | Camelia I is a series of songs Ebiet. G. Ade which became hits in the late period of the 70s and early 80s, consisting of 4 albums namely Camelia I, Camelia II, III and Camelia Camelia IV. Indonesian song this time I reviewed the Camelia accordance with the title of this post is Camelia series by Ebiet G. Ade | Camelia I. Camelia album, the album is Ebiet G. Ade of the first, and then immediately became top hits, because the flow of music and song lyric that brings renewal to the development of Indonesian music. The song is beautiful and nuanced musical arrangements country (see: About Ebiet G. Ade). Camelia is the name of creation Ebiet G. Ade, and is a beautiful name. small wings winged nimble. Like the gulls. Looking for pole flying canoe. Feet for sure footing. Wade your fate. Following the flow of running water.
Camelia is a lively girl, who brings into existence a real beauty. such as gulls, looking for a place to stand and put themselves on a strong link. Girls who have their own strengths, which can create admiration for anyone. Is there a pole boat capable of making it does not fly anymore. She Camelia, Are you the girl. The ever-present in dreams, in every bed. Coming to a dry and lonely hearts. In order to bloom again. hmm ... , Blossomed again. On one hand, there are screaming because of a broken heart, there are complaining because his love is not balanced. The song was set aside all issues of love, Camelia series by Ebiet G. Ade | Camelia I only talk about the beauty of falling in love, the beauty of sharing the beauty. Dream a dream of expecting a girl, She is Camelia, which become living filler, a torch in the darkness of the lonely hearts and loneliness. Fly danced in the path of thoughts and feelings, it turns out love is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, and fun. You are currently in love? Enjoy that feeling carefully, think about your goals 'falling in love'. To give you a feel how the grace of Almighty God is so great. Do not be damaged by other wishes, do not let it go with a more frenzied interest leads to egoism. I also once fell in love, fall in love with any creativity that I did. At least I again fell in love with every article that I created. I want to run. Chasing your shadow thousand, Camelia. I do not care lunge Let me also be translucent, desert weeds. How big is the desire to have it? Once again about the dream, a desire which was designed in the imagination. Suddenly the footsteps stop. A million hands have been holding me back. Want me mad they said: "No need you to run. The pursuit of an uncertain dream. Today is also a dream. So let it come, In your heart ... in your heart ..." Remembered with song Ebiet G. Ade else: Lagu untuk sebuah nama. They say, love must be sacrificed. The dream was beautiful, the flower bed. The desire was also beautiful, are the ideals to get something good. Dreams are dreams, the reality is that should be preserved, to be more beautiful than any dream.
Camelia series by Ebiet G. Ade | Camelia I

Song Lyrics Ebiet G. Ade: Camelia series by Ebiet G. Ade | Camelia I

Dia Camelia
puisi dan pelitamu
kau sejuk seperti titik embun membasahi daun jambu
di pinggir kali yang bening

sayap-sayapmu kecil lincah berkepak
seperti burung camar
terbang mencari tiang sampan
tempat berpijak kaki dengan pasti
mengarungi nasibmu
mengikuti arus air berlari

Dia Camelia
engkaukah gadis itu
yang selalu hadir dalam mimpi-mimpi, di setiap tidurku
datang untuk hati yang kering dan sepi
agar bersemi lagi
hmm ... ,bersemi lagi

kini datang mengisi hidup
ulurkan mesra tanganmu
bergetaran rasa jiwaku
menerima harum namamu

Camelia oh Camelia
Camelia oh Camelia
Camelia oh Camelia

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  1. Ha nem is értem a nyelvet, azért a vannak dolgok amiket szívesen nézegetek az oldaladon.

  2. Eh, sob kalau ebiet bisa disebut penyanyi balda kaya iwan fals ga..??


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