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Monday, September 06, 2010

Lagu untuk sebuah nama

Lagu untuk sebuah nama by ebiet g. ade
Ebiet. G. Ade is one of the artist singer who has a strong character, personality are well established. As an artist, Ebiet. G. Ade is very difficult to be imitated by other singers. Liryk polite and beautiful song, is a distinct characteristic of a Ebiet. G. Ade. Supported by the arrangement of nuanced music and country ballads, making the music itself and the well-established characteristics. In the decade of the seventies, Ebiet. G. Ade is one of the innovators for the development of music in Indonesia. With great characters and beautiful vocals, and characterized by itself is not wrong if Ebiet. G. Ade dubbed as the golden voiced singer.As the title of this article is "Lagu untuk sebuah nama" and if translated into English becomes 'Songs for a name'. Ebiet G. Ade has created a beautiful song about love. How someone who fell in love, but unable to reach even have to bury their feelings and feel the beauty of love alone. A nice musical accompaniment for the support aranger named Billy D. Budiarjo, this song gets its own place and direct the public hearts become top hits..
Lagu untuk sebuah nama by ebiet g. ade

'Lagu untuk sebuah nama' is a first album from Ebiet G. Ade. This song is a poem written by Ebiet. G. Ade who maketh a beautiful song. You are listening to this song will be swept away by the nuances of the gentle love. Try to refer to his verse. 

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Lagu untuk sebuah nama
by Ebiet G. Ade

mengapa jiwaku mesti bergetar
sedang musikpun manis kudengar
mungkin karena kulihat lagi
lentik bulu matamu
bibirmu dan rambutmu yang kau biarkan
jatuh berderai di keningmu
makin mengajakku terpana
kau goreskan gita cinta

mengapa aku mesti duduk disini
sedang kau tepat didepanku
mestinya kau berdiri berjalan kedepanmu
kusapa dan kunikmati wajahmu
atau kuisyaratkan cinta
tapi semua tak kulakukan
kata orang cinta mesti berkorban

mengapa dadaku mesti bergoncang
bila kusebutkan namamu
sedang kau diciptakan bukanlah untukku
itu pasti tapi aku tak mau perduli
sebab cinta bukan mesti bersatu
biar kucumbui bayanganmu
dan kusandarkan harapanku

From the lyric of the song, can we capture the story of a virgin who fell in love, adore the beauty and the beauty of the girl he adored. Starting from the hair, eyes, lips and even the whole body of the girl. But it can not be disclosed directly, perhaps this is called the hidden love. Is not love is not always expressed directly.? Need further review, because love is not just talking about mere Sexuality, but is a deep connection and requires a long time. But love is the beauty that is awarded by God to man. Love is beautiful, love also requires sacrifice. People say love should be sacrificed, as part of the lyric 'songs for a name' which became the title song. This song can evoke feelings of tenderness of a love, this song can be the source of inspiration for those who can appreciate the love, because this song contains elements of innocence and clarity of love that had to be owned by us. Love is not something that is rude and scary. Love is a heart problem, the problem between there and gone. Issues that are still much debated by the people, because each person has their own meaning of love, and different in applying a personal love with each other. Try to see the poem and listen to his music. Songs for a name will be able to take you flying and crawling your thoughts and feelings. This song is beautiful, because it is made with their own thoughts and feelings clear by a man named Ebiet G. Ade.



  1. aq suka musik Indonesia..dan Ebiet selalu menenangkan..! Great post

  2. Balik mampir.. dan liat-liat. Hmmn.. Ebiet lagu2nya mendayu2 tapi selalu mengingatkan diri utk introspeksi diri.. Like it :)

  3. Love reading your post. I like the way you interpret this song. The song tells about the love of a secret admirer :)

    Thanks for dropping by; thanks for your lovely comment...

  4. Lagu dulu atau baru tetep merdu di telingaku....
    Sahabat aq datang menyapamu hehehe


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