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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Leave it ( Tinggalkan saja ) by Kotak Band

I can not see you with him. But should not you make love with him.
Leave it (Leave it) by Kotak Band still talk about love. This time Kotak Band reveal about jealousy. Nobody likes to get a rival in love? In this life is not apart of a competition. Everything is also not free from recognized the need for absolute. Sometimes also want to have what is already owned by someone else. But it is an art in life, Love is something that must be fought for, that we must hold in each of our palms. Competition is not a huge obstacle to getting it, as long as competition was done with good, fair and full of patience. Competition is an event to be able to show identity. Competition to get a love not only with the physical appearance alone, or because the material, or the ability to seduce, but rather in a struggle in putting themselves on the correct portion. Love is something beautiful, because it will take to the introduction of self toward the future.
Leave it ( Tinggalkan saja ) by Kotak Band Fills my heart with love, like planting flowers in a vase of flowers, should always be watered and fertilized. In order to grow lush and evolving and spreading fragrance. If you already have the flowers themselves, why should like to have fireworks neighbors? In order to have the beauty flowers as a neighbor, select the flowers are nice and fit, no one if its kind is the same for a neighbor, but it's own fireworks.
If you feel what I feel. You bilanglah course you no longer love him, mind heart could not resist anymore, I sure you will later,
Falling in love is not a thing wrong, everybody has equal rights. Just how the ability to fight it, because love is something that is abstract, and we do not know what kind of love can indeed we have. Many people are sorry for the wrong in giving and receiving love. ( Still in love or Masih Cinta by Kotak Band ).

Love is inexhaustible to be discussed, both in real life or just a story of a song. Leave it ( Tinggalkan saja ) by Kotak Band is a beautiful song to be enjoyed. And it's also become a feature of Indonesian rock music. Here are Indonesian songs | story in Indonesian songs to include lyrics to the song Leave it (Leave it ( Tinggalkan saja ) by Kotak Band in the format of the Indonesian language.

Tinggalkan saja
oleh : Kotak Band

Bila ku berjumpa kau bikin ku terpesona
Hati ku berkata seperti kau yang ku damba
Benak hati tak bisa menahan lagi
Meski ada yang memiliki

Aku tak bisa melihat kau bersamanya
Tapi tak seharusnya dengan dia kau bercinta
Jika kau merasa apa yang telah aku rasa
Kau bilanglah saja kau tak lagi cinta dia
Benak hati tak bisa menahan lagi
Pasti engkau akan ku nanti

Kembali ke Reff
Tinggalkan lah dia lupakan lah saja
Tinggalkan, lupakan
Balik ke Reff 2x
Tinggalkan lah dia lupakan lah saja dia


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