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Monday, October 18, 2010

Yang Terdalam by Peterpan

Yang Terdalam by Peterpan | Never tired. I waited. Nothing is lost. Love this. Until now you did not come back. I recalled in my heart only. You've been left behind, the deepest heart. Until there is no love
Before you continue reading, it's good to listen to this song. Yang Terdalam by Peterpan.

I took off everything I want. I will not repeat. I'm sorry if you're dear to me. These are some initial lines of the lyrics of the song Yang Terdalam by Peterpan. An emphasis on self, a feeling that does not have to be forced. Speaking of love, we get closer to an ego that sometimes can not be controlled.

It was strange, sometimes we see people who coercing others to love him just because he loves the person. It never hurts to fighting for love, but when it comes to coercing, this should result in less good the next time. Love does not have to have, are correct. Love must be fought for, this is also true. You are included on the understanding that where?
For Admin Story song, love is not something complicated. Since this is the grace of God Almighty, then treat it with good feelings of love. There was a time have to fight it, but the sector in other circumstances we do not have to be able to control the ego for a sense of love that do not control ourselves. Can you love someone (male / female), who obviously do not love you? In other words, your love is unrequited love. Love that does not get a response.
We like playing in the waves at sea, we have to know when we should surf in comfort, but also when we have to go back to the beach to avoid the brunt of the waves that can crush you. Huh ...., thousand mystery of love until the day it is still difficult to express. Since this is a blend of nature's life throughout his life.
Have you ever tried to understand. Look at me here. Could it be if I was dreaming. Wrong for waiting. Yang Terdalam by Peterpan tries to reveal about this, about a wait that can not be certainty. Feel, is the absolute right person, to impose a sense, must get approval from others. Sad indeed.

Articles related to the lyrics of the song The Deepest by Peter to 'story song | story in Indonesian song' to convey the following:

Never tired. I waited. Nothing is lost. Love this. Until now you did not come back. I recalled in my heart only. You've been left behind, the deepest heart. Until there is no love. Left in the soul. Yang Terdalam by Peterpan song about love nuanced tenderness. Coercion is not the best way, shade in the heart requires sincerity. If a sentence really internalized in the lyrics of this song, maybe you'll remember the days past, times when the sweet and bitterness felt in love. The days when you feel the happiness of the happiest. But it also felt a deep slump that only you seem to suffer most. He ... he ... he .... How is your situation now? Happy? Suffer? or a combination of both?

Below, song lyrics Peterpan:

 Yang Terdalam by Peterpan

Kulepas semua yang ku inginkan
Tak akan ku ulangi
Maafkan jika kau kusayangi
Dan bila kumenanti
Pernahkah engkau coba mengerti
Lihatlah ku disini
Mungkinkah jika aku bermimpi
Salahkah tuk menanti
Takan lelah
Aku menanti
Tak hilang
Cintaku ini
Hingga saat kau tak kembali
Kan kukenang di hati saja
Kau telah tinggalkan
Hati yang terdalam
Hingga tiada cinta
Tersisa dijiwa

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  1. bagus nich lagunya! Ariel juga paling bentar lagi merid ma Lunny hehee

  2. saya suka sekali lagu ini..izin sedot yaa

  3. Nice Song.
    Visti us too :

  4. ini lagu enak didengerin gan.. :)

  5. lagu yang pernah ku garap dengan musik DJ hehe merdu dan seru..


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