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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Kangen by Dewa 19
This song is one of the songs 'Dewa 19' is romantic. This song Tells of a longing for someone at his girlfriend who split away Because of distance, time and place. Told in the lyrics of this song that they could only send letters to each other to release their yearning. The virgin to go away so had to leave her lover. Try to imagine how it penetrated the hearts longing for each other. With a slick music packaging, and supported by sweet vocals from Ari Lasso, this song is Able to bring listeners to drift, as well as be washed away like water that flows through the motions. Ari Lasso was one of the sweet-voiced singer who is owned by Indonesia. As one singer Dewa 19, Ari Lasso Able to improvise well, appreciation of this song reminds us of the true love, where loyalty is tested and worthy of love is sincerity in the fight.The song 'Kangen' is a beautiful song. The song 'Kangen' can be one of the most popular song in Indonesia. This song is not only Aimed at those who are young, but also the older ones. Are there any today who aspire to faithfulness as a whole, still there at this time there was a sincerely appreciate the loyalty? In an era that completely free like this, perhaps loyalty is only to be greeting flavoring roomates is subject to change, should not be maintained roomates Because of Veiled by exhaustively and novelty. Is not if we are separated by distance, time and place we can do anything Because it is far from people who said we love? Speaking of hearts, nothing could lie to yourself? The song "Kangen" is one of imagination about two human beings who love each other, but still Able to uphold loyalty with a sincere heart without having to sacrifice Just because one is only concerned exhaustively novelty. The song Kangen Was able to teach us, that love is sincere should be maintained for a sacred purpose. Love is not just a sheer pleasure, but also a gift given by the creator as a manifestation of thoughts and feelings. Love is not only charged about beauty, but also about compassion, a sense of mutual need, and always too wrapped up by hate. How do you mix love it if you are separated far from the beloved. Listen to this song, and feel that you will Become part of the creative imagination of this song.Ahmad Dani who has the ability to have a good imagination to tell you about the beauty of longing, of beauty required, about the beauty if we should be contemplating our existence. aransment music mixed in a sweet, this song can inspire you. Indonesia is rich in beauty, not just its natural beauty, but beautiful music is not inferior to other world music
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below 'storysong' show the lyrics of the song ‘Kangen’ :

Kutrima suratmu
Tlah kubaca
dan aku mengerti
Betapa merindunya
dirimu akan hadirnya diriku
Didalam hari-harimu
Bersama lagi
Kau tanyakan padaku
Kapan aku akan kembali lagi
kau tak kuasa
melawan gejolak didalam dada
Yang membara menahan rasa
Pertemuan kita nanti
Saat bersama dirimu

Semua kata rindumu
Semakin membuatku
`tak berdaya
Menahan rasa
ingin jumpa
Percayalah padaku
akupun rindu kamu
Ku akan pulang
Melepas semua kerinduan
Yang terpendam.....
Kau tuliskan padaku
Kata cinta
Yang manis dalam suratmu
Kau katakan padaku
Saat ini
Kuingin hangat pelukmu
Dan belai lembut kasihmu
Takkan kulupa slamanya
Saat kau ada di sisiku

Jangan katakan cinta
Menambah beban rasa
Sudah simpan saja
sedihmu itu
Ku akan datang.....

Chorus 2x

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  1. saya komen pakai bahasa indonesia saja. lirik lagu kangen mengingatkan ku pd masa SMA jika masih ada lagunya hati ini rasabya tersentuh banget . . .
    anyway Dewa 19 songs all have special memories, very good

  2. Lagu nostalgia penuh kenangan nih... xixixixi

  3. salam sahabat
    makasih kunjungannya.kangen juga nch jadinya upc baru tahu saya heheh good luck

  4. salam sahabat
    postingan yang bagus

  5. Kangen dan kangen jadilah lagu rindu nan merdu....
    Aq suka sekali ,,,,


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