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Friday, October 08, 2010

What's wrong with you | Ada apa denganmu by Peterpan

Still the issue of love. Inexhaustible, and could not get enough of. He ... he ... he ...
The issue of this one was memenui all the space in this world. Even including the vacuum (remember the movie Rocket Man?). It's something unique, all the musicians in this world still singing about love with all the problems and experiences of each. 'Story song' back to remind you of a song that is long enough. The song was published in 2004 in an album from Peterpan to Feature Bintang di Surga (Stars in Heaven). What's wrong with you | Ada apa denganmu by Peterpan. Songs with lyrics are beautiful, sweet rock music, or rock a sweet song. I wonder what can be given the title on this one Peterpan song. Clearly this song is really nice to be heard and enjoyed. If you are a fan of music, from different kinds of music certainly agree with this opinion. Already ... excuse me ... all my fault. And if you remain silent express my fault. The issue is often emerge in the process of unification of two hearts. Cross each other, it is an intrigue of lovemaking. If any mistakes are friends of friends quick to forgive, but if it had become lovers, small issue also is worth a big mistake. (Sahabat by Peterpan). Taste like to have such great a cause. Until finally the role ego. Jealousy, curiosity gets more attention, will become a trigger, as expressed in the lyrics of this song. If one of the pair could not resist, there will be a farewell. breakup, or broken heart. he .... he ... he ...
Peace belongs to all, live in anxiety and suspicion will undermine peace. Peace is the feeling of God's grace that should not be ignored. Because that's the key to happiness. Keep the peace, because the price is very expensive. If the feeling was petrified, because upset and hate. Whatever would not be a consideration for forgiveness. Already ... forget all ... everything changed. And we forgot ... and we get hurt. Human beings are not perfect. No one can be in accordance with the will and the way our minds. And people also can not be like we shape ourselves, each person will have a nature and careless mistakes. What if no one wants to give in or understand a situation? And if one is trying to improve themselves, but also not getting a good response, then there is separation.

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I asked the night ... Can you see it. Differences inexpressible. But why you do not change. What's wrong with you .... Because this is something that can not be tolerated anymore. That is the story of this song, that separation was the one who becomes a last resort. Two hearts that have hurt each other, will end in a bad condition. Oh just the night ... Can meld all flavors. Inexpressible. But why you do not change. What's wrong with you. A beautiful sentence to declare ignorance. This is an example of two people who were making love. But what if happening in 2 different human groups point of view, the difference beliefs, different needs or other differences. And no one wants to understand each other, and defeatist? Of course this will cause a fight, or even war. Differences in this world that are not equipped with a mind and a sense of peace often cause discord and warfare. The ego of a group or a country to destroy the group or other countries. This is a very wrong that resulted in a destruction ..

below, what's wrong with you Song Lyrics
Ada apa denganmu
Sudah... maafkan aku... segala salahku
Dan bila kau tetap bisu ungkapkan salahmu

Dan aku... sifatku, dan aku khilafku...
Dan aku... cintaku, dan aku rinduku...

Sudah... lupakan semua... segala berubah
Dan kita terlupa... dan kita terluka

Dan aku... sifatku, dan aku khilafku...
Dan aku... cintaku, dan aku rinduku...

Kutanya malam... dapatkah kau lihatnya
Perbedaan yang tak terungkapkan
Tapi mengapa kau tak berubah
Ada apa denganmu...

Oh hanya malam...
Dapat meleburkan segala rasa
Yang tak terungkapkan
Tapi mengapa kau tak berubah
Ada apa denganmu

Enjoy the song: What's wrong with you | Ada apa denganmu by Peterpan


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