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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sahabat by Peterpan

Companion is something quite important in social interactions in this world. Not only individuals relationship. Even a country also needs a friendship. No one is able to live alone without a relationship with someone else. It has also been around since Nabi Adam A.S. Is not if God wishes, for His power and greatness of the ‘Nabi Adam A.S’ as a man can live alone? That's why God also created ‘Siti Hawa’ to be happening a social interaction for both the Prophet Adam and Eve.
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The two become friends. Friendship is not just a relationship that is only for the benefit of both or one of them, but in establishing a friendship requires a high understanding. Friendship will be well maintained if a second or a group of people can understand each other, respect each other, can understand the strengths and weaknesses of each other. Because of a friendship which is based on sincerity and supported with patience, will last long. Friendship based on the special interests do not usually last long. Only in the process of achieving the interests of itself, no less a friendship turn into a dispute because the interests are not met. There is a feeling disadvantaged, there is a feeling humiliated, some feel like a packhorse, and others that made a friendship becomes corrupted. Therefore, the ego must be controlled well if you want a lasting friendship.
Lyrics to the song ‘Sahabat by Peterpan’ is one example of how a friendship, or friend is very important. Meaning of a truly holy friendship. Not a few people are willing to make sacrifices for defending his friend. Many who willingly tears if knowing companions within sufferance. Because friendship is a mission we live in this world. ‘Allah SWT’ God is Great indeed all of mankind requires that this world is not hostile to each other, not fight each other. Because of the Message of humans born and living on the earth surface is for a peace, for a welfare. Not intersect each other, nor destroy one another. But in reality, many of them-they are greedy, which is controlled by evil desires, those who have narrow minds finally fighting each other. They forgot the essence of world peace and prosperity to the mandate of 'Allah'. 
There are people who try to have the land of others who do not belong, There was a seize the property of others, even there is no state wants to seize territory from other countries. This happens because exhaustively greedy, because they do not understand the meaning of a friendship because of greed wrapped in it. This will lead to war. There are grandparents who yearn for a friend who also had a grandfather or grandmother, because they are friends since childhood. And they feel at peace until his death. 
Consider again the song ‘Kangen’ by Dewa 19, this song describes a longing of two lovers, but here is not about a meeting between men and women only, a value that causes the love of friendship is intact although they can be separated by space, time and distance. Love is just wrapped by exhaustively usually difficult to maintain. Love that is wrapped in a friendly, always breeds loyalty, always last long because in a friendship can give birth to a beautiful communication.

next 'Story in Indonesian Songs' to include song lyrics on this article 'Sahabat by Peterpan'. 

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Sahabat by Peterpan
Liryk by Peterpan

Bayangkan ku melayang
Seluruh napasku terbang
Bayangkan ku menghilang
Semua tanpa mu, teman

Hilang napasku lepas
Semua langkah yang lelah
Semua waktu yang hilang
Tapi bayangmu tetap
Ingatkanku semua
Wahai sahabat

Kita untuk selamanya
Kita percaya, Kita tebarkan arah
Dan tak pernah lelah
Ingatkanku semua
Wahai sahabat, Wahai sahabat 

'Sahabat by Peterpan' was released in an album with the name 'Taman Langit' or 'Garden of Heaven'. As a young musician, Peter became the talk of Indonesian music society. Starting from small children to adults, ranging from big cities to small towns, and also from urban to rural communities, participating Peterpan sang songs. ' Sahabat by Peterpan is a beautiful song, the lyrics are good and support slow-colored rock music. Also a harmonious arrangement, 'Sahabat by Peterpan' liked by many people.

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  1. Jadi kangen sama lagu-lagu peterpan... :)
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