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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Back to You | Kembali untuk Mu by Kotak Band

All is back on Him. Back at the beginning, from nothing in return becomes no. Indeed, in this world nothing is eternal, there is no eternal except Allah the creator of this universe. Everything can change at any time, such as turning the palm of the hand.
His immortality was only property. No one can deny this. Wherever we cover, we will not escape the supervision of the Supreme God, Many events that show his strength and power that should be able to open the eyes of our hearts to glorify Him always. But we always neglectful and do something that actually tends to ignoring any signals delivered his nature. When disaster came, we can only complain and blame the circumstances.


I open my heart before my return. You ... Back to you ..He is just a place where we begged and we take refuge. Hopefully this country get protection from Allah SWT. Amiiinnn .....

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  1. like it so much... semua emang bakal balik ke penciptanya, karna itu unakan hidup sebaik2nya..

  2. Hello my friend.
    Thank you very much for your visits.
    I hope good health.
    Good day.


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