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Saturday, November 06, 2010

For us ponder | Untuk kita renungkan by Ebiet G. Ade

For us ponder | Untuk kita renungkan by Ebiet G. Ade
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Mount Merapi showed its strength, nothing can withstand. No one can prevent it. With the gallant, the mountain was spewing hot clouds and lava is coming out of the bowels of the earth. The rain of sand and stones piled over vast areas. Many have become victims, animals and humans, buildings collapsed, trees toppled. Streets so narrow.
When a sudden heavy rain fell, cold lava flow without can be directed, filling part of the concave surface of the earth, crush the rice fields and gardens, demolish houses and stockpiling humans. The village became extinct in the raging lava. Many people lost their homes and sources of employment. Many have lost family members. And will increase many orphans. Mount had been mad, had shed all his frustration.

Mount Merapi has repeatedly demonstrated its strength. In 2006 also had erupted, and we erupted again in 2010, and larger. Mount Merapi is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and the chance was there in Indonesia. Currently there are 19 volcanoes in Indonesia which is active on alert status. Within the last 10 years, Indonesia has always had the disaster with the streak of natural disasters. Although the current Indonesian government should also conduct a rehabilitation for victims of tsunami in the Mentawai Islands (Summatera), and is still faced with the eruption of Mount Merapi on Java Island. I do not know when this suffering to an end. Only God knows.
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It takes a lot of money for this. It takes a lot of energy to this. It takes a lot of energy and thoughts to this. In this situation, many people become stressed, many people are losing confidence. It takes patience high, to be able to understand this disaster. Indonesia is not separated wracked by suffering. But this is perhaps a test from God Almighty. Great nation always gets a big test as well.
Grace and calamity is God's will. We must be brave to undergo. Only a small whip that we are aware, is He above all else ..
As a series of sentences in the lyrics of the song Ebiet G. Ade entitled Untuk kita renungkan. Grace and disaster is the will of Him. God gave humans other than suspicion. When we are complacent, when we feel that the surface of this earth can we perlalukan accordance with our desires, then God has everything to give a warning for people not to forget himself.

For us ponder | Untuk kita renungkan by Ebiet G. Ade
This song tells the story of human negligence. Negligence to know yourself, neglect to thank the creator. And the story in this song occurred at the present time. This song is not a mirage, but made in the process of deep reflection. Still remember Berita kepada kawan by Ebiet G. Ade? Or Hidup series? ( Hidup 1 by Ebiet G. Ade dan Hidup Series by Ebiet G. Ade | Hidup II ) And this is a series of songs Ebiet G. Ade who told me about the world and religion.
For us consider now playing repeatedly at a TV station in Indonesia, as the sound back in the news about this natural disaster
here are the lyrics to the song For us ponder atau Untuk kita renungkan
Kita mesti telanjang dan benar-benar bersih
Suci lahir dan di dalam batin
Tegaklah ke dalam sebelum bicara
Singkirkan debu yang masih melekat..
Singkirkan debu yang masih melekat..

Anugerah dan bencana adalah kehendakNya
Kita mesti tabah menjalani
Hanya cambuk kecil agar kita sadar
Adalah Dia di atas segalanya..
Adalah Dia di atas segalanya..

Anak menjerit-jerit, asap panas membakar
Lahar dan badai menyapu bersih
Ini bukan hukuman, hanya satu isyarat
Bahwa kita mesti banyak berbenah

Memang, bila kita kaji lebih jauh
Dalam kekalutan, masih banyak tangan
Yang tega berbuat nista… oh

Tuhan pasti telah memperhitungkan
Amal dan dosa yang telah kita perbuat
Kemanakah lagi kita kan sembunyi
Hanya kepadaNya kita kembali
Tak ada yang bakal bisa menjawab
Mari, hanya tunduk sujud padaNya

Kita mesti berjuang memerangi diri
Bercermin dan banyaklah bercermin
Tuhan ada di sini di dalam jiwa ini
Berusahalah agar Dia tersenyum… oh
Berubahlah agar Dia tersenyum
For us ponder | Untuk kita renungkan by Ebiet G. Ade

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  2. Ebiet G. Ade dengan tema yang merakyat dan penuh nilai-nilai religi, nyaris mirip seorang begawan yang merindukan kedamaian! Dia termasuk salah satu penyanyi solo yang ane kagumi, Gan. Thanks, bait-baitnya sangat berarti bagi ane. God bless you, guys


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