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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No other love | Tak akan ada cinta yang lain by Dewa 19

There is a doubt that struck thoughts and feelings. There is an uncertainty that affects the mind. And it is believed necessary to get peace. Before reaching the main goal of marriage. In periods of courtship, there is always a hesitancy that is sometimes disturbing. Love is not just listening to speech, not just giving and getting attention. Love is not just because of togetherness. Therefore, every person who falls in love is always shadowed by doubt.

No other love | Tak akan ada cinta yang lain by Dewa 19

No other love | There will be no other love by Dewa 19 told of the doubts of her lover. Should I repeat again. The word love for you. Reassure yourself. Shall crossed chest. Doubts that his hard heart.
Women do want to always be pampered. Want to get more attention, want to be seduced all the time. Want to listen to sentences in love many times. In order that all may believe that love is given it is absolutely his own. Love in doubt is a sad love.

There can be no other love. Make sure my love just for you. Has it ever occurred to yourselves. I also fear losing you.This expression need honesty in mind, heart and attitude. Have you ever expressed love to someone else but the person you love also expressed the same? He ... he ..., love seemed to want to spread, distributed to many targets to get the best option. Or perhaps you just put affection and love to just one person, after making the selection silently so getting a mature decision. As stated above, in expressing a sense of love requires an honesty, then the most important is first to be created is the honesty to yourself. 
Love ..., said people have their own destiny. Mate have got provisions from God Almighty, but we are given rights by God the Most Merciful to search. We are given the right to get what we want. Put that love is in proportion, get rid of excessive emotion. Control with good hearts, do not be tempted by a beautiful skin, but look for content that does not contain toxins. See ( Still in love or Masih Cinta by Kotak Band, Matahari dan rembulan by Nicky Astria, Topeng by Peterpan,Sudah | Goodbye by Nidji, Never mind | Sudahlah by Padi

) Will later. Happen again. Pseudo love relationship. Listen I whispered. Open the eyes of your heart.If you want peace, it is also fair to accept. Eliminate all the prejudices that can interfere with the love relationship that has been formed. Couples will be annoyed, if the charge is always asked about her love for us. She'll feel like a person who is not trusted, feel like people who like to lie, he will feel like someone is always doing wrong, he will also feel like people who have no principles. For love can work well, avoiding the authoritarian attitude. 
Make your love as beautiful as possible, remove all doubt. But you also have to be ready to get the disappointing thing. Is not love does not necessarily have to be united? (Lagu untuk sebuah nama). 

Below are the lyrics to the song No other love | There can be no other love by Dewa 19

No other love |Tak akan ada cinta yang lain by Dewa 19
Haruskah kuulangi lagi
Kata cintaku padamu yakinkan dirimu
Masihkah terlintas didada
Keraguanmu itu susahkan hatimu

Tak akan ada cinta yang lain
Pastikan cintaku hanya untukmu
Pernahkah terbersit olehmu
Akupun takut kehilangan dirimu

Ingatkah satu bait kenangan
Cerita cinta kita tak mungkin terlupa
Buang semua angan mulukmu itu
Percaya takdir kita aku cinta padamu

Tak akan ada cinta yang lain
Pastikan cintaku hanya untukmu
Pernahkah terbersit olehmu
Akupun takut kehilangan dirimu

Akankah nanti
Terulang lagi
Jalinan cinta semu
Dengar bisikku
Bukalah mata hatimu

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