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Friday, November 05, 2010

Titip rindu buat Ayah by Ebiet G. Ade

This is a song or music. Which is generally only as entertainment. But the song Ebiet G. Ade is not merely entertainment. There are charges that need to be contemplated. There are messages and advice given. There is a spiritual event that the inner experience of each person. Say longing for the father is a poem created as an offering of a child to the father figure who became a source of inspiration in his life. Children with all the shortcomings and advantages will always miss a ketokohan. And it is the father figure who has struggled throughout its age to raise, educate and finalize the soul of the child. Father who throughout his life always do for happiness and tranquility of her son. My father is a hero of a family life. Dad who writes and incised in one's life history. Say longing for the father is a human expression, the expression will be the realization that the father is something to be missed, that should be revered and venerable and cherished.For the friend story song that is currently perhaps away from your family of course this song will cure longing for a father figure, or even cause homesickness.
Titip rindu buat Ayah by Ebiet G. Ade

Dad ... .. In my lonely silent longing. To reap rice ours. But the desire to live simply longing. Your son is now a lot of burden.Try to imagine about being with a father, about the joy of friendship with the father. In the lyrics of this song is illustrated as a family farmer. How can a child misses harvesting rice with her father. But if you grow from a family of scientists, of course enjoyable listen dad told me about his research. If you came from merchant families, of course, also delicious with my father prepare his wares. If you come from a family of fishermen, of course, delights with father knit nets, if you are of course also favors the family doctor to listen to the father how he tried to cure his patients. And many more stories are delicious when done with fathers.
The father is the central figure in a family. But so many people who do not care about the father, who only considered the father is just a fixture in his life. Each attached to success is his, even more demanding and tend to be a rebellious child.Dad is something precious in our lives than mothers who give birth. But we know how much a father figure? Can we feel its presence when we are away, when we are preoccupied with our own affairs. Say longing for the father is a beautiful poem, because we at some point will become a father, or just at this moment we are indeed already become a father. How we longed for children, far and have not been met. And what about our children, what we miss?

Titip rindu buat ayah
by Ebiet G. Ade

Dimatamu masih tersimpan selaksa peristiwa
Benturan dan hempasan, terpahat dikeningmu
Kau nampak tua dan lelah
Keringat mengucur deras, namun kau tetap tabah

Meski napasmu kadang tersengal memikul beban yang makin syarat
Kau tetap bertahan

Engkau telah mengerti hitam dana merah jalan ini
Keriput tulang pipimu gambaran perjuangan
Bahumu yang dulu kekar , Legam terbakar matahari
Kini kurus dan terbungkuk
Namun semangat tak pernah pudar
Meski langkahmu kadang gemetar
Kau tetap setia

Reff :
Ayah …..
Dalam hening sepi kurindu
Untuk menuai padi milik kita
Tapi kerinduan tinggal hanya kerinduan
Anakmu sekarang banyak menanggung beban

Namun semangat tak pernah pudar
Meski langkahmu kadang gemetar
Kau tetap setia

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