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Friday, September 24, 2010

Negeri Khayalan or imaginary country by Nicky Astria

The sun smiled, the winds blow relentlessly. Birds chirp, amid the green glow of natural.
Once the song begins. Negeri Khayalan or imaginary country by Nicky Astria is a song with rock genre, sung by a lady rocker Indonesia during the period of the 1990s. This song tells of a beautiful country called Indonesia. But all this is not something absolute. This friendly country, both natural and people are still too tainted by something that is not understood by those who love peace. This song is not too long, but solid by the message. 
<img src="" alt="Negeri Khayalan or imaginary country by Nicky Astria"/>

All friendly, warm in the life. Scolds greet each other, mutual caring and sharing ( see also : Nusantara series by Koes Plus )

Because the weather is controlled by an influence of lust, and interests rather than for a value for the
needs of the country, in part or group of people with no conscious has destroyed the value of friendship, destroy peace which is well established. (See also: Sahabat by Peterpan ). Anyone who feel they have interests, do something that is not feasible, who will suffer are ordinary people. This song Negeri Khayalan or imaginary country by Nicky Astria, reminding everyone not to hasty in making an action, because all that done it, rooted in the mindset and intentions. A good mindset that accompanied the good intentions will bear a good attitude and action as well. Indeed, to build was not an easy thing, full of sacrifice, but not because it is only because of revenge. Many tragedies are actually touching, even scary. This friendly country which has been tainted with the mindset and interests that are not clear. A fair question for people who do not understand about the conflict of interest that led to a clash that led to peace of ordinary people turned into unrest. 

This song is like not willing to be the existence of a tragedy that destroy peace. Negeri Khayalan or imaginary country by Nicky Astria is a song that tries to question why there was a kekeacauan that should not happen. Is not it because of an unbridled selfishness? but why the animosity is still there. Violence still occurs, drain the blood. A question that is difficult to understand by people who he scolds mutual courtesies, the people who love peace. But whatever happens, of course not separated from the will of God, only those who believe, who can be patient. People who can interpret the live well that will be able to think clearly. ( See also: Hidup I oleh Ebiet G. Ade ). Whatever the meaning and content of this song, Negeri Khayalan or imaginary country by Nicky Astria is a beautiful song, aransement sweet music, and the melodic vocals backed by Nicky Astria. Listening to music in a state of calm, will make all the chaos of thoughts and restlessness became more tranquil.

Negeri khayalan

Mentari tersenyum di hembus angin yang tanpa henti
Burung berkicauan ditengah alam yang hijau berseri
Oh… ye…. Ye….
Negeri yang indah
Oh… ye…. Ye….
Negeri yang ramah
Semua bersahabat di dalam kehidupan yang hangat
Saling tegur sapa saling peduli dan berbagi
Oh… ye…. Ye….
Negeri yang ramah
tapi mengapa dendam masih ada
Kekerasan tetap terjadi, mengalirkan darah
Semua bersahabat dalam kehidupan yang hangat
Oh… ye…. Ye….
Negeri yang indah
Oh… ye…. Ye….
Negeri yang ramah

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  1. ya memang itulah yang masih terjadi sampai saat ini, kekerasan, dendam dan persahabatan adalah peta dalam hidup yang memiliki misteri...thanks ya


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