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Monday, September 20, 2010

Cintamu telah berlalu by Koes Plus

Overture : Koes Post Pourri
Overture : Koes Post Pourri
'Cintamu telah berlalu' or ‘Your Love has gone' is a song that was created by an Indonesian legendary band. This song tells the story of someone who loses her love since abandoned. As someone who lives in a neighborhood east culture, feelings and loyalty has always been a benchmark that must be maintained. Because in the eastern cultural order, to hurt the feelings of others can be considered a big mistake. Therefore, whatever the situation is if someone had fallen in love as much as possible to survive within a loyalty intact. Until they have children and grandchildren.
Cintamu telah berlalu by Koes Plus

No wonder if the incident really like this song, it will be a deep sorrow, for love and affection that is something sacred and beautiful.'Cinta mu telah berlalu' or 'Your Love has gone' was released by Koes Plus the language is simple and easily understood. As one prominent band, Koes Plus has released dozens of albums of music. One song that became a source of articles on this blog is 'Cintamu telah berlalu'. With lyrics that is easy to understand and support arrangements that are nice to hear music, this song deserves to be enjoyed in various situations. this song is long enough, and very popular in his day (70s period). Been popularized again by ‘Chrisye’ with the same title. As an Indonesian legendary band, the songs Koes Plus favored not only by adults, but also by the children because his lyrics are communicative.
Cintamu telah berlalu by Koes Plus

the music player below you can listen to the same song that has been popularized again by 'Chrisye'.

below is the original lyrics of the song Cintamu telah berlalu by Koes Plus

Cintamu telah berlalu

Kunyalakan api didalam tungku
Dingin sekali malam itu
Namun jauh dingin dalam hatiku
Sejak cintamu t'lah berlalu
Berlalu, berlalu
Pernahkah engkau mencoba untuk mengerti
Aku ini orang yang tiada arti
Kau dengar lolongan anjing di malam hari
Menunggu kesepian dan hampa didalam hidupku
Waktu hujan turun di malam minggu
Dibawah payung ku berlindung
secepat hujannya air mataku
Sejak kau putuskan kasihmu
Kasihmu, kasihmu

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  1. Love reading your post. It's really a sad song...a broken heart song...

  2. Uuufff, waktu saya ada di Jakarta (tahun 1976), saya paling senang dengar lagu dari grup ini.
    Salam kenal.
    Kalau datang di Barcelona jangan lupa kontak saya.


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