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Monday, September 20, 2010

Who is not familiar with Iwan Fals?

Who is not familiar with Iwan Fals?
Iwan Fals is a music legend in Indonesia. Even today, remains a living legend. Who is not familiar with Iwan Fals? He is a public figure. With a simple look and was impressed as it is, Iwan Fals be able to build his own personal admired by many people and well respected by many people. As one who firmly and honestly in the thinking of opinion and expression, Iwan Fals build an image in the hearts of Indonesian society.
As a figure of music, Iwan Fals have released many albums, with the kind of diverse and varied music, the songs are able to make music lovers in Indonesia was amazed. At the initial appearance at the music of Indonesia, Iwan Fals carry the kind of country music and ballads. And then he was known as a singer who sings funny songs or comedy. One of the funny song is 'Dongeng sebelum tidur '. He is still young and energetic, because the interaction of a broad and extensive experience, Iwan Fals have a high sense of solidarity. He's also a good social observer, observing the social conditions, economic and also political. Even is also quite sensitive to conditions in other countries. One of the songs that show his solidarity with the condition of the people from other countries are on track with the title 'Ethiopia'

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