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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kenangan terindah | Beautiful memories by Samsons

<img src="" alt="Kenangan terindah | Beautiful memories by Samsons"/>
I'm weak without you. I was vulnerable due. Wherever love is lost from you. That can flatter me. Samson is one of the bands that succeed in the period of 2000s. With his first hits 'Instincts man', but now that will be story song review is the most beautiful memories. Kenangan terindah | Beautiful memories by Samsons became one of the romantic song Samson, tells the story of the cult of women.
And no wonder, if the women from the young to adult women, love this song. 
From you, I found my life. To me, you is true love. If it is written for me. Is the best for you. I'll make you the most beautiful memories in my life
Wow ....., true love. Beautiful and fun. Beautiful memories so exciting to be heard and once enjoyed. It would be better if heard with her lover, holding hands, looking at each other and throw a smile, because the atmosphere will increase romantic.

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  1. aku yang lemah tanpamu, aku yang rentan karena cinta yang tlah hilang darimu :D


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