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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Between being and not | Antara ada dan tiada by Utopia

Between being and not | Antara ada dan tiada by Utopia
Each I saw you. I feel in my heart. You've got everything. All I dreamed of. And my dreams never stop. Rhyming about your shadow. While I know. You never think I'm there.
As the last post, this song is also talking about love that is not accomplished.Between being and not | Antara ada dan tiada by Utopia but differs from the others, quite beautiful lyric as poetry. This music group made up of 3 men and 1 woman as vocalists. You can compare with a few songs with similar themes of this blog post include: Still in love or Masih cinta, Only slowly , Sudah, never mind, Mayangsari - tiada lagi etc.
With the support of music typical of Utopia, this song feels good in the hearing. Piece of liver is seeking links, admire someone but was not considered. This can happen because of friendship. Not a few people who fall in love with that preceded establishment of friendship rope. Hearts can not be expected, anything can happen just like that. But that is part of a secret love. You are a player, Which part belongs to you? Heart's desire is often difficult to control, the reality faced by the other conditions. And one thing you must remember, that what is referred to from this song may never happen to you. Love someone, but did not get the expected response.No need a lot of sentences, Indonesian song, present this song to you.

song lyrics Between being and not | Antara ada dan tiada by Utopia

Setiap ku melihatmu
Ku terasa di hati
Kau punya segalanya
Yang aku impikan

Dan anganku tak henti
Bersajak tentang bayangmu
Walau kutahu
Kau tak pernah anggapku ada

Ku tak bisa menggapaimu
Takkan pernah bisa
Walau sudah letih
Aku tak mungkin lepas lagi
Kau hanya mimpi bagiku
Tak untuk jadi nyata
Dan sgala rasa buatmu
Harus padam dan berakhir

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Kan selalu
Ku rasa hadirmu
Antara ada dan tiada

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