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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

About Ebiet G. Ade

About Ebiet G. Ade dan biografi ebiet g. ade
Ebiet G. Ade is a man who has the subtlety of thought and feeling. As an artist, Ebiet G. Ade has produced many albums, almost all of these albums can be accepted by society music lovers in Indonesia. Lyrics contain deep meanings, implying that the authors have refined and virtuous talents. Poem-the poem is able to silence the mind and feelings of listeners who do need a beautiful arrangement. As a poet, Ebiet G. Ade has been making music as a platform to introduce poetry and publishing poetry to the public.Music and poetry has become part of his life, his appearance is simple and not fancy (generally someone who has become the artist is always looking and luxurious living patterns). Ebiet G. Ade has introduced a new pattern in music as well as a poet. Ebiet G. Ade has become one of the music legend in Indonesia. With a sound that has its own characteristics, and difficult to be imitated by other singers, Ebiet G. Ade has contributed to the wealth of art and culture in Indonesia, particularly in the field of music and poetry. Ebiet G. Ade was not an easily influenced by others, he has a strong personality and independent.As a devout Muslim who of course is the education of parents and religious environment, Ebiet G. Ade did not just write poems about love, but also see the surrounding social conditions. He also talks about divinity, about nature and about life. He has become a new phenomenon in his day (late 70's and 80's period). But until now, the songs are often heard by millions. Nearly all TV stations in Indonesia always play back the songs. If a disaster of a song Ebiet G. Ade entitled 'Berita kepada kawan' is always used as music accompaniment by several TV stations in broadcast news. The title song will be featured in a subsequent article. Ebiet G. Ade was born and raised in the village. He was born in Wanadadi, Banjarnegara, Central Java Province on April 21, 1955. With the original name Ghoffar Aboe Dja'far Abid. As a poet and musician who was humble, 'Abid Ghoffar Aboe Dja'far' alias Ebiet G. Ade will not drunk popularity. This can be evidenced by the nature of simplicity when it held a world-class music festival in Japan. Almost all the musicians and singers will perform when it got flowers from the organizers and they now appear always took such interest is due to be disturbed. But not with Ebiet G. Ade, interest is still installed starting from first appearance to his last appearance. This is because he appreciates the interest as an honor given by the committee penyelanggara. His appearance is always calm, just simply sit back and carrying a guitar and harmonica plus a fixed interest inserted in his chest, so that special attention from the audience. No wonder the next day leading newspapers in Japan includes news about Ebiet G. Ade on the first page and a headline. Because it is difficult to obtain such behavior in this day and age. The value of such awards are courteous people are always underestimated, especially if that person has become famous.

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