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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Matahari dan rembulan by Nicky Astria

'Matahari dan rembulan ' when translated into English becomes the sun and the moon. The song was released in 1991, was already long. This song tells of a state of love and mood. Problems that haunted love, choose a complex condition, like a circle of fire that shut, trap and crush every want to decide a condition. If we already have something, but want to have another. can not both be obtained. If someone wants to go shopping, have money 100, the price of clothing 100, the price of pants is also 100. and if you want to buy both types of goods are of course not possible, which one to choose? Which is more mainstream, shirt or pants? That person will be shackled in a confusing choice. Perfection is not because we are able to obtain both. Because we did not get perfection intact. Is not if we are only able to obtain and should not wear clothes? or vice versa. Are not we can combine pairs of pants outfit with another? which indeed we already have? 
<img src="" alt="Matahari dan rembulan by Nicky Astria"/>

Love is not a mere heart problems, but also the problem of mind. logic and common sense should be more active. As in the lyric of this song, 'sun and moon' chasing each other and want to embrace. Love will lead to a more beautiful, kind and wise. Although love is what makes people turn away from the seriousness. Many considerations must be chosen, among the descendants of origin, ability and appearance. Is not this like a circle of fire? We can overheat, although love is precisely the source of peace but can also be the beginning of calamity. If you choose wrong, inevitable remorse.This song is beautiful to be analyzed. Almost everyone in the world is experiencing the same problem in a matter of love, to choose as a partner a peaceful life for the mind, heart and other necessities of life. Because the personality of each growing from a different nature, different cultures, different educational background, different desires, and even sex are also different views. and many other differences that must be unified. The song was sung by a Lady Rocker is owned by Indonesia, which named Nicky Astria. Born in Bandung. The sun and moon by Nicky Astria is a beautiful song that pleasant to hear.

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