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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ebiet G. Ade | Cita-cita kecil si anak desa

Ebiet G. Ade | Cita-cita kecil si anak desaStory song ever written about the songs Ebiet G. Ade include the following:

Cita-Cita Kecil Si Anak Desa.mp3

    This time the 'Story song' will add one more song from Ebiet G. Ade is Ebiet G. Ade | Cita-cita kecil si anak desa. Please you consider the following:

    What are my goals? That's probably a question for everyone. The need for an ideal course together with the need to determine the future. While small, according to a child's mind the ideals are also in accordance with the groove. But if it is growing up, the ideals it has become a serious matter. Those schools were not only school bandwagon because everyone else a lot of school. If someone took an education course nothing to do with ideals. Some wanted to be doctors, successful businessmen, economists, politicians, religious scholars, artists or whatever. But ideals can also be shifted to the development of knowledge, relationships, experience, condition and situation at hand. And everybody knows it. Not everyone was then able to realize his ideals. As Ebiet said: But this is all just depends on him too (Ebiet G. Ade | Cita-cita kecil si anak desa.) Yes ... we have a plan but God too, who will decide. Well ... here it must be believed to be true that the influence of the Almighty is very dominant. The situation we are now, not apart from God intervention.Ebiet G. Ade has written in his poem entitled the ideals of the child's small village. This song is quite beautiful. While many people debate, argue and even fight to fight an important position, on the grounds of development. Everyone wants to have high ideals, so many forget the little things. These days, with everything all modern perhaps no one aspires to be farmers especially small farmers. If anything, the farmers tie. Yang said the farmer, but rather to behave as entrepreneurs. Ebiet G. Ade has reminded us that small things is not something that is not valuable. Many everyday people who wallow in mud and cattle, but finally got a big name. Because of her dedication was regarded as a good example for the community and received an award from the Government. They had been served with a single-minded. 
    Indonesia as an agricultural country because most of the land and farming communities. That first, now much agricultural land change shape and function. And every day of agricultural land will always be reduced. And the ideals of a small farmer is only limited to a mere beautiful sentence.
    Listening songs Ebiet G. Ade | Cita-cita kecil si anak desa, it reminds us of the natural conditions that are still beautiful, still pure and a virgin. And this course of nature and culture of Indonesia, due to natural conditions in other countries is very much different, the behavior of people is also different. The story in the lyrics of this song is a longing for someone who must go from village to get something else. But longing for her village did not escape the memory. Gurgling sound of water flowing from the fountain bamboo, buffalo voice cried when plowing the fields, or the chatter of chickens that will lay eggs. The cool mountain air and fresh. That's all grow the beautiful atmosphere in the memories (see: Nusantara series by Koes Plus and Weather news | Berita cuaca by Gombloh ). As a writer of poetry, in song Ebiet G. Ade | Cita-cita kecil si anak desa trying to lift the atmosphere of a peaceful village, peaceful and loving. Village leadership requires an intelligent, creative and innovative. Village need a touch of the hand of sincere, sincere and cooperative. In Indonesia, the village is a cornerstone of development, if it failed to establish that meant damaging tananan rural communities. Is the city able to accommodate urban so much?

    Who knows later I'm elected village head. I will awaken the spirit of my people and I built my village. My village was definitely expect me to go home. I also miss the wet earth with my sweat. But it is all just depend on God only.
    Yes ..., the village does need a touch of honest development. That requires skilled people, while willing to serve. Villages are the backbone of a developing country like Indonesia. Else if developed countries, land or expanse of territory that could be called a village no longer exists. If there were youth village school until high levels, but what does he want to go back again to build a village? Does he want to stay in the village with all the simplicity that he can? Those very few will want to stay and settle in the village of his birthplace, because the city has promised everything from financial, social status and even women. A great gift for a country girl can be married to a young man from her village that has now become a doctor, agricultural experts, successful entrepreneurs or political expert. About the ideals that are not accomplished is nothing wrong, we still remember how President Suharto could be a great leader when he admitted that there has never aspired to become a president. Likewise with Ebiet G. Ade, he writes in his poem:
    I once had aspirations to live so small farmers. Although correct at the birth of the village, but God decides otherwise. Ebiet G. Ade had a great name as a writer of poetry and well as a respected singer. But how many people who go from village to village ideals are to achieve success but the problem makers in the cities. This song Ebiet G. Ade | Cita-cita kecil si anak desa, it reminds one thing that the village is a need fighting for, that deserve the award as appropriate. Most of the people in the village. 

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    This is the lyrics of the song Ebiet G. Ade | Cita-cita kecil si anak desa :

    Aku pernah punya cita-cita hidup jadi petani kecil
    Tinggal dirumah desa dengan sawah di sekelilingku
    Luas kebunku sehalaman dan kutanami buah dan sayuran
    Dan dikandang belakang rumah kupelihara bermacam-macam peliharaan

    Aku pasti akan hidup tenang jauh dari bising kota yang kering dan kejam
    Aku akan turun berkebun mengerjakan sawah ladangku sendiri
    Dan menuai padi yang kuning bernas dengan isteri dan anakku
    Memang cita-citaku sederhana sebab aku terlahir dari desa

    Isteriku harus cantik, lincah dan gesit
    Tapi ia juga harus cerdik dan pintar
    Siapa tahu nanti aku kan terpilih jadi kepala desa
    Kan ku bangkitkan semangat rakyatku dan kubangun desaku

    Desa ku pun pasti mengharap aku pulang
    Akupun rindu membasahi bumi dengan keringatku
    Tapi semua itu hanyalah tergantung pada Nya jua
    Tapi aku merasa bangga setidak-tidaknya aku punya cita-cita
    Tapi aku merasa bangga setidak-tidaknya aku punya cita-cita

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