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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Weather news | Berita cuaca by Gombloh

Gombloh, that's his name. born in a town called Jombang, July 14, 1948 - Surabaya - East Java Province - Indonesia. Soedjarwoto Soemarsono, was the original name given by his parents when he was born, but he was better known and known by the name Gombloh. He is one of the artist / singer Indonesia is unique. His life is not glamorous, mediocre. Social interaction without boundaries, their daily life more with ordinary people. His appearance does not look like a great artist, but he has listed himself as a singer who is remembered to this day. He was already dead. Her work is quite a lot. Gombloh was a nationalist Indonesian artists. One is the famous song-Gebyar Gebyar.
Weather news | Berita cuaca by Gombloh
Through his songs he was yelling about the life of a small community, about the destruction of nature, also about the uniqueness and the chaos of love. He is a free people, free people who channel their expertise. As a musician, his music is country-pop flow. For the people of Indonesia, Gombloh songs including songs that are easy to understand, with musical arrangements that are not complicated. Gombloh live in kesederhanan. But as an artist, he gets more attention. Martin Hatch is a researcher from Cornell University, has conducted special penelitiana Gombloh music lyrics, especially from a populist. Scientific paper entitled "Social Criticsm in the Songs of 1980's Indonesian Pop Country Singers", Martin Hatch expose it to a music seminar of The Society of Ethnomusicology in Toronto in Canada in 2000. (Source Article: Biography Gombloh - 
In this post, 'Story in Indonesian songs | story song' Gombloh tells the story of a song entitled 'Berita Cuaca ( Weather News ). But there also include the title of the song as ‘Lestari Alamku'. My natural sustainable. Sustainable my village. Where is my Lord, I entrust. Child singing at full time. Sing idol for the homeland. This song is a concern Gombloh against the destruction of nature. Many of deforestation, the environment is not well ordered. The hills are bare lots, changing with the growth of weeds, because the trees had been clearcut. One thing that is very sad. As an artist / musician, Gombloh irregularities are able to shout to get attention from all parties. He do with purity, without any pressure from anyone. He is the common people who have great attention to his country, Indonesia. 

Peace my brother, my earth is fertile. I remember my mom fairy tale story The story of the glorious old 'Nusantara', peaceful Kartaraharja there. ( See also: Nusantara series by Koes Plus  ).

Gombloh indeed dreamed of a peaceful, people do not have to fight for gaining something. As the culture of Indonesia, mutual help and cooperation is hope. Human life in this world full of greed. One result is the destruction of nature. Why is my land prone to this. Hill's bare feet. Trees and grass are reluctant to bloom again. The birds were shy to sing. Beautiful indeed the sentence above. Poetic, but a sad meaning. Gombloh been thinking a lot about the future of a generation, and the next generation. Going on where, and what can be done if this country had to deal with disasters? Gombloh is an example of purity of mind. With no more desire, but fees for the song sells. Are not people like him also need a decent living? But do not do damage to nature, do not deplete natural resources. He just drain his intellectual abilities through song lyric and music. Gombloh explore your own potential, to explore the wealth that exists in his body. Does not denude the hills, do not shut the flow of the river, not cutting down virgin forest green. I Want My hills green again. I was pensive waiting impatiently. I say my prayers every day. 

When will this heart field itself. It contains the meaning of the message. Can the green hills again? Perhaps, a Gombloh only able to pray, Oh God,,,,, let us pray in accordance with our religious beliefs and their respective natural for the whole world is not broken. In order for this planet into a safe place for us all. Damage to the earth not only because of the destruction of nature, but a war is also destroying nature, even the value of damage is also quite large. let us pray in accordance with religious beliefs and each of us to avoid warfare on this earth. Gombloh now dead. Gombloh died in Surabaya (East Java - Indonesia) on January 9, 1988. What can we get from this song.  Weather news | Berita cuaca by Gombloh is a relaxing song, but it contains a deep meaning. Peace message in it ought to be a material reflection. weather news | Berita cuaca by Gombloh talked about the weather, but not the weather as it was understood by many people. The weather here is all conditions and situations that can be good and also can be bad. Weather related to all issues, in the sense of actual weather and weather from human thought and behavior. weather news | Berita cuaca by Gombloh until now still in the memories, at least by this webblog: Story in Indonesian song | story song. Thanks to visitors who have read this article, May Allah SWT give his grace and of guidance to us all. Finally, let us pray in accordance with religious beliefs and each of us, for the late Gombloh can be forgiven his sins, and get a decent place beside God Almighty. Amen.

Below is the lyrics of the song : Weather news | Berita cuaca by Gombloh

 Lestari alamku, lestari desaku
Dimana Tuhanku menitipkan aku
Nyanyi bocah-bocah di kala purnama
Nyanyikan pujaan untuk nusa

Kami kan bernyanyi di purnama nanti
Nyanyikan bait pada mu negeri

Damai saudara ku suburlah bumiku
Kuingat ibuku dongengkan cerita
Kisah tentang jaya nusantara lama
Tentram kartaraharja di sana

Mengapa tanahku rawan kini
Bukit bukitpun telanjang berdiri
Pohon dan rumput enggan bersemi kembali
Burung-burung pun malu bernyanyi

Kuingin bukit ku hijau kembali
Termenung pun ku tak sabar menanti
Doa kan kuucapkan hari demi hari
Kapankah hati ini lapang diri



  1. I like a musician that created unique songs especially when someone is yelling about the life of a small community, about the destruction of nature, also about the uniqueness and the chaos of love like Gombloh's songs. I also wanna thank you for putting my link in your friend lists, and I added your link in my blogroll. Nice to know you.

  2. Gombloh, mantan pengamen dari Kota Buaya, yang kemudian melejit dengan syair lagunya yang heroik : Merah darahku, putih tulangku... Sayang, dia keburu dipanggil Yang Maha Esa.

    1. Gomloh punya idealisme yg tinggi. jujur pada diri sendiri, meski sedikit urakan.

  3. Gebyar-gebyar...pelangi jingga! Almarhum Gombloh emang cakep!


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