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Friday, October 01, 2010

Rainbow on your eyes or Pelangi di matamu by Jamrud

This is a story song posting the first article in October 2010. There is something interesting in this post is about the rainbow in the eyes. Of course, if you see a beautiful rainbow in the eyes of someone, especially in the eyes of your loved ones. How do you imagine? How does a person's beauty is approached and that makes it happy?
Rainbow on your eyes or Pelangi di matamu by Jamrud Rainbow on your eyes or Pelangi di matamu by Jamrud is a song. From the title of this song seem that a statement of beauty. Mood should choose to reveal or conceal. It takes a special courage to make a statement. Necessary conditions and also a certain situation to be able to make a decision. Beautiful it is nice, but can also be scary. Someone could be so looked dashing and daring in many occasions and situations, but all of a sudden it just vanished in front of a loved one. Love is beautiful, as well as strange. Love is expected but also scary. 30 minutes of us here, without a word. And I'm restless. Have to wait a long time .. The word from you. This is the first verse of the song Rainbow on your eyes or Pelangi di matamu by Jamrud. Was just so hard to say 'I love you'. Just to say of course this is not difficult, but here should be able to build a supportive atmosphere, since the meeting of two humans to integrate love is not a simple matter. 'Love requires sacrifice' said Ebiet G. Ade. ( Lagu untuk sebuah nama ). Love that is globalization in a person, Love needs tenderness, because the softness will be able to melt anything. Violence never win, because love will also need patience, calmness, sincerity as well. Love is contemplation. Not only the physical needs, as well as financial problems. Uh ... he ... he ..., how someone who subjugate anything, but must be melted in front of prospective lover. Only utter three words: I love you, he can not afford?  
It may take some courses. Stringing words, to speak. And I hate it. Must be honest with you, about all this. It's tragic, to say these three words, should the course first. Ha ... ha ... ha ..., although it's a song lyric, but did not rule out that there are people who experience things like that. On the other hand there are people who have died in love, and say goodbye love ( Still in love or Masih Cinta by Kotak Band ) or who have to share the heart for more than a love that must be confused ( Matahari dan rembulan by Nicky Astria ). This is a private, opinions and feelings of each person. wall clock was laughing, because I just keep quiet and silent. Want me angry, myself, who did not move in front of you.
An expression of honest, straightforward and courageous to admit the helplessness.
There are others. In your smile, which made my tongue still nervous.There is a rainbow, in your eye ball. And forcing myself, to say: "I love you"(As if the force and continue to force).Maybe next Saturday I said all, the contents of the feelings. And I hate to be honest with you about all this ..

Yeah ...., 30 minutes wait, and must wait again until the next 7 days. And what if it also must wait another 7 days? Rainbow on your eyes or Pelangi di matamu by Jamrud into a song that sweet, romantic and melancholy. Rainbow on your eyes or the Rainbow in your eyes by Jamrud fit in hear for those who will and are in love. 'Story song' or 'Story in Indonesian songs' make this song as a material for an article due to see the beauty in the lyrics. Because we all have to feel what it's like falling in love. We share the beauty of it through music, if the beauty of soul and wrap our minds, would be spared from an attitude that is not good. God also loves us, we live in a flood of His grace and guidance. How can we be hostile to each other? Come listen to beautiful music, both lyrics and arrangements so that we can live in peace. He ... he ... he ... 

Have fun, and success for your love. 

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Pelangi di matamu
By Jamrud

30 menit kita disini
tanpa suara
dan aku resah
harus menunggu lama ..
kata darimu

mungkin butuh kursus
merangkai kata,
untuk bicara
dan aku benci
harus jujur padamu,
tentang semua ini

jam dinding pun tertawa,
karna kuhanya diam dan
ingin kumaki
diriku sendiri, yang tak
berkutik di depanmu

ada yang lain
yang membuat lidahku
gugup tak bergerak
ada pelangi
di bola matamu
dan memaksa diri
tuk bilang
"aku sayang padamu" (2x)
(seakan memaksa dan
terus memaksa)
mungkin sabtu nanti
kuungkap semua,
isi di hati
dan aku benci
harus jujur padamu
tentang semua ini ..




  1. Halloha ~

    Your comment already replied in my post, thanks for everything !! =D

  2. Hi, thanks for dropping a line on my last two posts, I do appreciate every comment I get. I have to agree with you on your opinion of music. A soft melody can sooth any restless soul, and can bring love when you least expect it. What would the world be without music? I think it will be very hollow and empty.

    Thanks for sharing, hope your day will be great.


  3. Thank you my friend for your visit and your comment of the 07/11 in my blog, Merry Christmas with health and happiness. Hugs Valter.

  4. sekalian pasang vidionya mantep tuh....

  5. postingannya bagus tentang Rainbow on your eyes or Pelangi di matamu by Jamrud


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