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Sunday, December 12, 2010

RAN | Friday

RAN | Friday
It has long been 'Story song' do not post on this blog, because of busy stuff.  And it's longing to add a post on this blog, so the music selection this time falls on a trio of young people calling themselves RAN (Rayi, Astono and Nino). Times selected songs with the title Friday. The song was released a year ago, precisely in the year 2009. Promoted by young children 3 people mentioned above.
The following is a brief biography of the trio which freely translated into English from the original article source (Mencintai Musik Indonesia).

RAN | Friday

RAN-member Rayi Son (Rayi) on Vocals / Rap, Astono Andoko (Astono) on guitar and Anindyo Baskoro (Nino) on vocals. RAN emerged in Indonesia's music arena with a light music, easy listening and cheerful shades of direct public attention.

RAN comes with different nuances, the music combines soul, pop, R & B and added a touch of hip hop. Plus the lyrics are fresh and simple, making them more readily accepted by country music fans.

End of 2007, RAN released their first debut album with the title RAN FOR YOUR LIFE. And this album is received in the market success of Indonesian music. Starting from the track view First, Nothing Lasts Forever and Good Morning bustling played on radio and on television.

After the success of the first album, the current RAN formed on August 3, 2006 is preparing a second album. On this second album, RAN will give a surprise by cooperating with Malaysian singer, Sheila to collaborate on song

Thank God it’s Friday, everybody wants to party.
Why don’t we go funky? Dancing with you all night, yeah.
Looking at them shorties, maybe they wanna? party with me.
Y’all know what it’s all about. Y’all know what it’s all about.

It’s Friday night, when the feeling is all right.
We ain’t coming to sit tight, we came to get high, right?
Y’all know what it’s all about.
When the DJ spins, and the chicks come out.
Like my friend Craig D said: ”Friday, Payday” it’s time to party.
P.A. to the R, T to the Y. Baby girl you don’t need to ask me why.

Coz it’s going down like The Executioner.
Scratching them things, flapping them wings.
We’re the evolutioner. That’s our name.
Coz when we we come to this game, it ain’t gonna be the same.
Tell your friends and family about this band.
Hopefully we be rocking the showbiz, and if y’all like this flow, let me know if it’s loco.
Everybody now let’s go!

Thank God it’s Friday, everybody wants to party.
Why don’t we go funky? Dancing with you all night,yeah.
Looking at them shorties, maybe they wanna party with me.
Y’all know what it’s all about. Y’all know what it’s all about.

Sexy lady, if? you want me, you got to show me that you’re the only one for me.
You got to show me (3x)
You got to show me love.

Get hype. Dance all night.

Everybody on the floor, dance till the sunlight.
And bring a friend, stop arguing.
Start conquering and just dance.
Just dance like it’s your last chance.
Party like it’s your last day.

(Thank God it’s Friday)
Boys, don’t waste your day.
(Everybody wants to party)
Come and join the party.
(Dancing all? night, yeah)
Girls, don’t waste your time.
(Thank God it’s Friday)

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    kunjungan pagi kawan
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